True Life Discipleship Counseling


Helping You Find – and Live – Your Identity in Christ

Hope … and Help … for the Weary Christian

Are you the Christian who does grow “weary in well-doing”?   No matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to be enough?  Or good enough?

Do you worry over how you can EVER please God?

Has the thinking of the world so shaped your thinking about you that you don’t believe God could ever love you?

If these describe you, you’re not alone.

iStock_000001596781_LargeAnd there is an answer.  Living the One True Life . . . finding and embracing your true identity in Christ.  Allowing Jesus to manifest His life in and through you instead of trying to “live like Christ.”  Learning to live FROM Him instead of simply living FOR Him.

True Life Discipleship Counseling exists to help you do just that.

True Life is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry, located in Bel Air, serving Harford and Baltimore Counties.

True Life Discipleship Counseling provides a safe, accepting, and caring environment where the individual or couple can explore their particular needs and, with guidance and assistance from a trained staff person, individuals can discover freedom through a Jesus-centered answer.

Discipleship Counseling?  What’s that?

“Secular counseling” provides self-based solutions to address behavioral, emotional, marital, and parenting problems.

“Christian counseling” offers the same solutions as secular counseling to address those same kinds of problems, but incorporates Christian values and beliefs.

Discipleship Counseling, by comparison, —

  • is Christ-centered counseling and seeks to help a believer move from a focus on personal life struggles and circumstances, to living from the “new heart” that God gave them.
  • teaches how to integrate God’s truth into our everyday living so that we will more fully discover and experience the abundant life we have in Jesus.

From weary, heavy-laden Christians who are struggling to experience the rest and freedom promised in God’s word, to anyone caught in a season of anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, and many other emotional issues, True Life Discipleship Counseling teaches Christians how to be free from sin’s powerful grasp, and from the behavioral and emotional bondage that undermines relationships.

True Life’s desire is to help individuals experience a dynamic relationship with Jesus and others…moment by moment, recognizing and celebrating The Holy Spirit as the Agent of change.

True Life is a non-profit ministry that does not charge fees for its discipleship counseling, but operates on a donation basis for individual appointments.

For more information about how can you grow in Christian living with the help of True Life Discipleship Counseling, please visit their website, or call them at 410-650-4074.


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