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Voices of Baltimore

FINALLY…IT’S ARRIVED!!! A way for ministries in the Baltimore area to talk about themselves to someone in addition to themselves.

WE ALL KNOW that Christian ministries – the typical, everyday ministries made up of God’s people doing God’s work with minimal resources – are not adept at telling the world who they are – or THAT they are.

There’s Got To Be A Better Way

There’s got to be a better way for people in ministry to reach an audience that extends beyond the usual friends, clients, and known supporters. A way for us to TELL OUR STORIES to people who need us or who can help us but probably don’t have a way to know about us. A way for us to reach out.

WELL, THERE’S GREAT NEWS ABOUT THE GOOD NEWS … Voices of Baltimore has launched its website,, to do what we’ve missed for many years. Available only to Christian ministries and Christ-centered nonprofits throughout the Baltimore Metro area, YOUR ministry can be featured. Use OUR microphone to tell YOUR story about God’s work through your ministry.


IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD … And His work through the ministry you serve or represent.

IT’S YOUR STORY and we will help you tell it.

How Does It Work? will regularly feature area Christian ministries and Christ-centered/Christ-affirming nonprofits (please refer to our Statement of Faith). As part of your feature, we’ll put up content that you have on hand, plus more that we will work with you to create. We’ll publish an article, several photos, a 4-5 minute video, and a link to a podcast. We will film a video that shows your ministry at work and record the podcast with your representative(s).

RIGHT NOW, WE’RE TELLING OUR STORY SO WE CAN REACH MORE PEOPLE WITH YOURS . . . Voices will post and promote the great news about your Good News ministry via social media. We know how that works and we’re seeing good results already with different groups we’re working with. We’ll count on you to help us get word of your feature out, starting with your friends and followers.

SUPPORTING Voices is easy. We will invite featured ministries to help defray the cost of producing their messages via a donation directly to Voices, or by obtaining a sponsor from among their supporters.

[email protected] — email us to schedule a time to talk, to meet, to discuss how your ministry can be heard on Voices!!

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In our first episode, we talk about the origins of the idea for Voices, as well as some details for how Christian ministries can be featured on Voices. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in being on Voices!

Here’s Episode 1…

Tell Your Story on Voices

Interested in telling your ministry's story on our site? Get in touch with us! Click here to learn more. [email protected]