Center for Pregnancy Concerns – CPC


Unplanned pregnancy is a game changer.  You don’t need to face it alone.

Since 1980, the Center for Pregnancy Concerns (CPC) has helped women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing a place to explore their options in a non-threatening and comfortable environment. CPC offers a variety of services, all of which are entirely free.


screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-4-51-49-pmAt the heart of CPC’s service is their HelpLine, monitored 24/7/365 by compassionate and well-trained Christian staff who respond to requests for help.  CPC’s website and Facebook page both offer one-touch calling to the HelpLine.

Spiritual Help

CPC is a Christian ministry dedicated to showing the love of Jesus Christ in all they do.  They are not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.

All newcomers to a CPC center are exposed to – or reminded of – the love of Jesus and the beauty of life.  While abortion is legal in Maryland, CPC is well aware that it just isn’t a good option for a woman who’s experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  They know of the physical and emotional trauma abortion creates for mothers, and because of those risks, CPC will NOT refer to abortion providers.

CPC is a Christ-centered ministry that doesn’t try to beat its clients over the head with a Bible.   CPC counselors gently – but certainly – make sure that the Gospel is part of the conversation and decision-making process with women who come to the Center for help.

Emotional Help

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-4-52-03-pmCPC offers FREE, confidential counseling to the abortion-minded woman.  CPC counselors help the mom-to-be look at all that her pregnancy entails from health, to family relationships, and to parenting.

Women – and men – who learn about CPC at some point following an abortion and who are experiencing the adverse effects of that abortion can receive peer counseling at CPC.

Material Help

The Center for Pregnancy Concerns is able to provide material assistance to the parents of children from newborn to 4T, thanks to the ongoing commitment of their donors.  For example, Hannah’s Cupboard serves all four CPC centers in the Baltimore metro area.  From the Cupboard, many baby supplies – as well as some maternity items for mom – are made available, thanks to the generosity of community donors.

For Men

She is weighing her options. But you also have a choice to make. What are your responsibilities? How should you help? You have a lot to think about.

Men are welcome to take part in CPC’s programs and to receive information concerning their options. CPC is NOT just for women. CPC’s services can include you.

CPC recognizes that each situation and each individual is unique and they’re committed to empowering women AND men to make positive choices.


Earn While You Learn

An educational program designed to help new parents become the best mommy and daddy they possibly can be, while at the same time giving them opportunity to earn some of the things they need to care for the physical needs of their baby.

During the months of pregnancy, there are many concerns for most new parents about pregnancy and how to meet the needs of the baby after birth. The Earn While You Learn program allows the expectant mother and father to gain information while earning “Mommy Money” or “Daddy Dollars” to purchase necessities from the wide array of brand new and “like new” items in our Boutique. The more they learn, the more they earn!

Abstinence Program & Speakers’ Bureau

Abstinence talks are available for church groups and school groups, as well as individual peer counseling.

High School Initiative

The High School Initiative is designed to introduce truth regarding sex, pregnancy, and abortion into the narrative for young men and women of high school age; with a view toward encouraging them to consider pursuing healthy relationships the way God intended.

Get Involved by ……

Becoming a Volunteer –

Becoming a Donor –

Please visit CPC’s website and Facebook page


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Child Evangelism Fellowship

God’s People Are Reaching Kids in Public Schools!!

You need to know about Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maryland (CEF).

In 1963 Madalyn Murray O’Hair (and atheists that backed her) achieved her goal of getting God out of our public schools by eliminating Bible reading and prayer in schools.

Since that time, generations of children have not been exposed to God and His Word and as they have grown up, we see some very discouraging results.  For example, statistics suggest that 80% of today’s youth will never see the inside of a church. We must take Jesus’ final command seriously, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. . .” (Mark 16:15)

But Can We Reach Them in Schools?

We certainly can!! We have an exciting opportunity to take the Gospel to the hub of our communities – our public schools. A favorable 2001 Supreme Court ruling ( permits afterschool, on-campus gatherings of kids in what CEF calls its Good News Clubs. And it IS good news. This historic decision opened the doors of our public schools as a new mission field to teach God’s Word to thousands of children who might otherwise never hear about Jesus.

Good News Clubs meet once a week in high-powered 90-minute sessions for children ages 4 – 13 that  are designed to inspire and challenge them to good citizenship, high moral values, obedience to those in authority, and other positive behaviors. The Clubs program is built around sound biblical and educational principles and includes exciting visualized Bible lessons, songs, Scripture memory, a missions stories, and review games.

GNCs are led by volunteers, typically through a partnership with one or more area churches.

What’s Happening in Maryland?

girl_reading_bible_in_schoolIn Maryland, CEF is active in more than 70 schools and the number is growing! Good News Clubs are also held in homes, community centers, day care centers, churches, apartment complexes, and just about anywhere the children can easily and safely meet with their parents’ permission.

70 is good, but there are 900 public elementary schools in Maryland filled every day with children who need to hear God’s word.

Partners make it happen . . .

Two key partners – the Maryland Bible Society, and local churches – make CEF’s work possible. The churches adopt a local school and are the focal point for GNC volunteer recruitment and training, and MBS supplies Bibles for the students who participate in the Clubs.

And CEF’s Impact is Expanding . . .

Altogether, in the 2009-10 school year, there were 36 schools in the program statewide, reaching 1,458 kids. In 2015-16, there are Good News Clubs in 132 schools, touching more than 3,200 kids’ lives through the work of more than 750 volunteers. In 2015 CEF reached more than 7,000 children with its various ministries – with more than 1,500 experiencing changed life through the power of the Gospel.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-7-51-17-amThere are many areas of CEF ministry in Maryland in which you can become involved as a volunteer or paid staff.

What one pastor has to say about CEF and its mission:

“Our membership has responded wonderfully, and those participating in the Good News Clubs are expressing sheer joy as they witness the Lord at work in them making an eternal difference in the lives of precious young children. The Good News Club has opened an incredible opportunity for us to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord to the next generation, with the blessing and permission of the United States Supreme Court. How amazing is that? Thank the Lord for Child Evangelism Fellowship! They are indeed a wonderful answer to prayer.” –David E. Gaines, Sr.  Senior Pastor, Manna Bible Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD 

Learn More. Get Involved.

Visit CEF’s website at


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Baltimore School of the Bible

“… it’s an institution of Higher – with a capital H – learning”

A Bit of History

12105950_1058992360801215_3651027973693720530_nIn 1931, a (small) group of Christian church and business leaders came together to create a place in our city where men and women study the Bible.

Now, 85 years later, BSOTB does just that  – at three locations in and around Baltimore.  And more than 2,000 students have passed through their dream!!

Through the years, students have learned how thrilling and informative the Bible can be when it is taught by qualified instructors who know and love the Book and its Author.

Lives have been enriched and love for the Lord increased.

“It’s the place where your life will be changed”

13392127_1195684013798715_6544807094953941031_oBaltimore School of the Bible, Inc. exists for the sole purpose of presenting the Word of God in such a manner that it may readily be understood and will bring the students into a vital and effective relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The students will then prove to be a channel for the further spread of the Word and the strengthening of the testimony of Bible-believing churches.

BSOTB is Affordable

Baltimore School of the Bible charges NO tuition.
DSC04608-1024x683BSOTB is all about making the study of God’s Word available to any who seek the opportunity and environment to study.

Students pay only a nominal registration fee of $60.00 per year. Then, there are no other or further charges for instruction, except for textbooks and/or teacher handouts. A limited number of text books are required in certain courses, but generally, the purchase of books is at the student’s option.

BSOTB Presents a Wide Range of Courses

• From biblical teaching on the nature of God, man, and sin to a thorough exegesis of the epistles of Paul.

• From understanding our place in God’s Creation to preparing students for teaching ministries.

• From the survey of the Old Testament to studying New Testament Greek.


13403848_1195681567132293_555625381675576413_oThe Baltimore School of the Bible is accredited by the state of Maryland and BSOTB credits are often transferrable to other institutions.

“Ask the Right Questions about BSOTB”

BSOTB staff and volunteers are available to take your call, answer your emails, and give you the whole story about how YOU can begin a meaningful study of God’s eternal Word.

What BSOTB faculty, staff, and students are saying:

• “We all come together under the Word of God”

• “The school was a place of refuge for me”

• “It was more than I expected”

• “Don’t wait. Don’t wait!!”

• “You know nothing until you come here and learn what you don’t know”

Visit Baltimore School of the Bible

Main Branch/Office
1712 Park Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

Central Presbyterian Church
7308 York Road
Towson, MD 21204

Brooklyn Bible Chapel
502 Jack Street
Baltimore, MD 21225


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True Life Discipleship Counseling

Helping You Find – and Live – Your Identity in Christ

Hope … and Help … for the Weary Christian

Are you the Christian who does grow “weary in well-doing”?   No matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to be enough?  Or good enough?

Do you worry over how you can EVER please God?

Has the thinking of the world so shaped your thinking about you that you don’t believe God could ever love you?

If these describe you, you’re not alone.

iStock_000001596781_LargeAnd there is an answer.  Living the One True Life . . . finding and embracing your true identity in Christ.  Allowing Jesus to manifest His life in and through you instead of trying to “live like Christ.”  Learning to live FROM Him instead of simply living FOR Him.

True Life Discipleship Counseling exists to help you do just that.

True Life is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry, located in Bel Air, serving Harford and Baltimore Counties.

True Life Discipleship Counseling provides a safe, accepting, and caring environment where the individual or couple can explore their particular needs and, with guidance and assistance from a trained staff person, individuals can discover freedom through a Jesus-centered answer.

Discipleship Counseling?  What’s that?

“Secular counseling” provides self-based solutions to address behavioral, emotional, marital, and parenting problems.

“Christian counseling” offers the same solutions as secular counseling to address those same kinds of problems, but incorporates Christian values and beliefs.

Discipleship Counseling, by comparison, —

  • is Christ-centered counseling and seeks to help a believer move from a focus on personal life struggles and circumstances, to living from the “new heart” that God gave them.
  • teaches how to integrate God’s truth into our everyday living so that we will more fully discover and experience the abundant life we have in Jesus.

From weary, heavy-laden Christians who are struggling to experience the rest and freedom promised in God’s word, to anyone caught in a season of anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, and many other emotional issues, True Life Discipleship Counseling teaches Christians how to be free from sin’s powerful grasp, and from the behavioral and emotional bondage that undermines relationships.

True Life’s desire is to help individuals experience a dynamic relationship with Jesus and others…moment by moment, recognizing and celebrating The Holy Spirit as the Agent of change.

True Life is a non-profit ministry that does not charge fees for its discipleship counseling, but operates on a donation basis for individual appointments.

For more information about how can you grow in Christian living with the help of True Life Discipleship Counseling, please visit their website, or call them at 410-650-4074.


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Somebody Cares Baltimore

Connections Matter

When someone tells you that the ministry he serves – by leading it – isn’t the story, watch out!!  That’s probably precisely the story.

And that’s one of the first things you’ll hear from Matt Stevens, president of Somebody Cares Baltimore.

Matt shares the story told by Doug Stringer, the Houstonian whose heart God moved to found Somebody Cares International in 1981.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local Somebody Cares chapters dotted the Gulf Coast.  Looking at the map of the Somebody Cares cities, Doug invited people to look at it as if it were a string of pearls.  To Doug, the value is in the pearls and it’s not the string that matters.  But that string does matter.  The connection matters.

And that’s where Somebody Cares Baltimore comes in.

In 2009, Matt and Katy Stevens launched the Somebody Cares Baltimore pearl – itself a faith-based organization – to help identify, bring to the forefront, and build and sustain coalitions of interfaith ministries, governmental agencies, business leaders, and private citizens to display to Baltimore that Somebody Cares.

What does Somebody Cares do?  Somebody Cares Baltimore is on the ground – they reach out to help connect, mobilize, and unify somewhere between 250 – 300 organizations that actively serve in and around Baltimore.


"Somebody Cares collected truckloads of water and food supplies"


They serve via well-organized, pre-planned activities.  For example,

Serve The City Day mobilized hundreds of volunteers to embody kindness, mercy, and grace to those in need through dozens of projects across the city.

The National Day Of Prayer mobilized hundreds to gather and pray in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties in strategic governmental and community locations.  In 2015, they helped gather more than 700 people at Beachmont Camp to pray for our region.

14736349863_c4d4982cd4_oBless Baltimore Motorcade brought together more than 500 people who traveled to each police district in the City to pray and cover the communities in prayer.

Prayer Walks – From March – November weekly there are various prayer walks in communities on the East and West sides of our city in the “hotspots” (violent streets). Because presence brings reduction, ongoing violence breaks up and communities start coming together.

12076901163_a0242463ae_oI Can Do It –  Music & Arts camp in East Baltimore offering 200 children the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in a positive and creative environment.

Days Of Hope  – Somebody Cares Baltimore has sponsored 18 Days of Hope, the most recent at Bocek Park.

12076701936_c794dfa4fe_oSomebody Cares also responds immediately to crisis – For example, when unrest erupted in West Baltimore in April, Somebody Cares collected truckloads of water and food supplies for the first responders, continued to collect and distribute supplies, food and hygiene items for the children and senior citizens who were directly affected by the destruction of the unrest.

12076055775_a67a5de15a_oUnrest Prayer Response – mobilize prayer walks, 24/7 prayer, and a social media online time of concerted prayer for restoration of Baltimore after the unrest that included more than 4,200 individuals.

One challenge for the ministry’s leaders lies in how to live the Christian example without repelling non-Christians.  SCB displays Christ’s love to all – Christians, Muslims, Jews – to our citizens of every faith, and to those with no faith at all.  And they do it with grace, meeting Baltimore’s citizens at their point of greatest need often at times of greatest vulnerability.

The need for the work that Somebody Cares does is great and growing by the minute.

The need for resources – time, talent, and treasure – is also great.

Please visit and see where you think you can best help.

Let’s keep showing Baltimore that Somebody Cares.

For the most up-to-date information on somebody Cares Baltimore, please visit their Facebook page.


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Believe Big

From Fear to Faith and Hope for Many

Nobody wants to hear a doctor tell her that she has cancer.  Yet each year almost 1.7 million people hear those very words.  Ivelisse Page remembers that day far too well.  It was almost eerie to her as she was diagnosed at the very same age with the very same type of cancer that took her father’s life.

Here’s part of Ivelisse’s story:

I had to convince myself that my Dad’s story was not my story; that my outcome could be different. But truthfully, a big part of me believed I was on the same path – diagnosed at 37, dead at 39.  I could hear it ringing in my ears.  But I realized quickly that I had a choice to make.  Would I give in to the fear or would I live by faith and fight?  

. . . some people say that God won’t give us anything we can’t handle, but I believe that He often allows situations that are too much for us to handle – alone.  It’s in these times that we realize how much we need each other and most importantly, our need for God becomes obvious.  And, we learn to trust and rely on the One who created us.

Hope for Ivelisse

“So in the days ahead I decided to engage my faith and fight!  I fought the fear that tried to grip me each day by filling my mind with His word.  I kept reminding myself of whom I was in Christ. Several times a day I read out loud the “I Will Have No Fear” prayer [see below] – that Jimmy compiled for me from Scripture sometimes.  And the fear…it relented!  

Seeds of a Great Work

We also came to see the importance of having a team of doctors, both conventional and complementary, who work together to heal the whole person.  It shouldn’t be either one or the other.

2014-09-22 13.48.11In terms of conventional medicine we had incredible surgeons who were gifted in removing the cancer from my colon and liver, and we got connected with the finest oncologist who monitored me with scans and blood work.

On the complementary side, my “internal environment” was transformed to fight any remaining cancer with Mistletoe injections, a high alkaline diet, homeopathy, and other supplements that my body needed to fight well.”

Nothing is New Under the Sun

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.36.02 PMThe liquid extract of the mistletoe plant has been used as an alternative method to treat cancer for close to a century.  Mistletoe injections are currently among the most widely used unconventional cancer treatments in Europe.   And, even though it is used all over the world and proven effective in treating cancer, until a clinical trial is done here in the United States, oncologists cannot offer this treatment as “standard of care”.

Photo Jul 19, 12 54 25 PM

“I focused on the capability of my God instead of the challenge of cancer”

Hope for Many

pattySo, the Pages founded Believe Big in 2011 to help bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer.

From the beginning their vision has been to see cancer patients and their families discover their pathway to healing.  Every decision they make as an organization is aligned with their core values of Faith, Teamwork, Compassion, and Integrity.  

Believe Big’s Focus is to:

  • Educate individuals concerning the need for a comprehensive approach in cancer prevention and treatment.
  • Connect patients with physicians trained in mistletoe therapy, and the resources necessary to help them advocate for their own health. 
  • Provide spiritual support to help patients and their families overcome fear and anxiety. 
  • Overcome cancer with the development of the Mistletoe Clinical Trial in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Believe Big is a powerful story of Christians who walk in His power and strive to serve humanity –  to His glory.


I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified; I will not be discouraged. For you, my Lord, are with me wherever I go. (Joshua 1:9) No one will be able to stand up against me all the days of my life. As you were with Moses – and Joshua – I know you are with me. You will never fail me and you will never leave me. Never. (Joshua 1:5) I will meditate on your Word and will follow you alone. (Joshua 1:8) You have chosen me and have not rejected me. So I will not fear for you are with me. I will not be dismayed, for you are my God. You will strengthen me and help me; you will uphold me with your righteous right hand….For you are the Lord, my God, who takes hold of my right hand and says “Do not be afraid; I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:9-13) I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) For you created me and formed me. I will not be afraid for you have redeemed me. You have called me by name and I am yours. When I pass through the waters, you will be with me; and when I pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over me. When I walk through the fire, I will not be burned; the flames will not set me ablaze. For you are the Lord my God, the Holy One of Israel, my Savior. (Isaiah 43:1-3) I will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day. (Psalm 91:5) And even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4) For God did not give me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-control. (2 Timothy 1:7) And I am more than a conqueror through him who loved me. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus my Lord. (Romans 8:36-39)


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Christian Business Men’s Connection

Marketplace Ambassadors for Christ

CBMC’s focus is Jesus.  CBMC’s mission field is the marketplace.20150131_085333_resized

ATTENTION, GUYS!!! Ever think how great it would be if you could… 

  • belong to and learn from a group of men who cares deeply for you?
  • surround yourself with men you can depend on to tell you the truth about you?
  • fellowship with peers in the marketplace who embrace a quality of life that is noticeably different from the world’s?

The Christian Business Men’s Connection can give you all that.  And more.


If that sounds almost too good to be true, then you might want to spend a little time with men of CBMC. If you’re a man who has little to no understanding of who Jesus is, we simply spend time unpacking that topic and whether Christianity even has a place anymore in this increasingly hostile culture.

20150507_183605_resizedWhatever your current role in business, whatever you aspire to be, we would like to help you think biblically through it. As Christians in the business world, we desire to love Christ Jesus more than our work or our wealth. That doesn’t come naturally, so we help each other mature into the person God wants us to be.

CBMC is all about…

Building men one life at a time through relational evangelism

CBMC members are marketplace ambassadors for Christ who live out our faith in authentic life-on-life relationships.  We strive to reach men right where they are to help them become the men that God designed them to be.  


Building men one life at a time through life-on-life discipleship

If you long to develop a deeper understanding of God, we encourage you to enter into a one-on-one discipleship relationship with another man using a tool we call Operation Timothy (OT).  OT is an investigative Bible study used by the men of CBMC for more than 40 years to make disciples,  as Jesus commanded. The name of the program comes from the relationship the Apostle Paul had with a young man named Timothy. Just as Paul took Timothy “under his wing” and invested his life into him while teaching him spiritual truths, so we in CBMC help others grow spiritually within the context of this relationship.

20150619_125252_resizedBuilding men one life at a time through small group accountability and encouragement.

CBMC Forums are truly a light in the workplace. A Forums team is a unique environment made up of a handful of business owners or executives and a trained CBMC moderator. These are small closed gatherings so that individuals can build trust in one another, as they discuss both life and business issues.

FB_IMG_1431073143953Get Connected to a band of Christ-like brothers like no other, and let them help equip you for the journey of a lifetime!

We don’t have all the answers to questions we face in life or in the business world, but we know the One who does.

If character, ethics or maybe how to walk with God in our everyday life in the workplace are things you’d like to know more about… CBMC just might be right for you.

IC Orphans

Serving Gospel-focused churches as they care for Orphans and vulnerable

"Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked". (Psalm 82:4)


When IC Orphans was founded in 2001, its mission was to help orphans find their forever families.  In the early years, they were able to help establish funding that allowed nearly 200 children to be adopted into permanent families.


the Lord pointed IC Orphans’ founders in a different direction . . .


In 2010 Chris and Melissa

adopted Libby, a beautiful little girl who had been born with cerebral palsy.  Libby couldn’t speak, but she could smile and she loved Jesus.  In fact, she smiled more at the name of Jesus than at anything else!  


was the little plush toy turtle that Libby couldn’t get enough of.  Libby’s older sister named him.   Libby would cling to Hooshga while she sat on her Daddy’s lap looking through her children’s picture Bible.

hooshga_slide2in 2011

when Libby was only 3 years old, Jesus took her to be with Him.  She died from a seizure, but she lives on through IC Orphans’ work.

The Hooshga Project

DSCN1118After Libby’s death, God led her Dad, Chris, to build a message about Jesus Christ around Hooshga.  So, IC Orphans launched the Hooshga Project, a one-of-a-kind way for Gospel-focused churches to help take the Good News around the world in the form of a delightful little plush turtle.




IC Orphans’ founders had already sensed that God was leading them to pursue souls . . . they followed  His leading and transitioned to to a Gospel-focused ministry.  Now orphans, vulnerable children, and illiterate adults worldwide can hear – and see – the Good News of Jesus, as told through the eyes of Hooshga the Good News Turtle,  using a wordless Gospel book, as part of the Hooshga Care Package.  The package includes Hooshga the Good News Turtle, a wordless Gospel book, and a drawstring bag/backpack.


To date, IC Orphans has given Hooshga Care Packages to more than 1800 orphans in 13 countries.  We believe the Lord will be greatly honored as they give Hooshga Care Packages free of charge to churches that will take them around the world!  


IC Orphans only has 650 Hooshgas left and is called to give them away.  They plan to continue to follow the call of God to take Hooshga the Good News Turtle to orphans and vulnerable children around the world through Gospel-focused churches!  They’re currently planning a trip to Honduras to potentially give away 4,000 Hooshga Care Packages!   And they have requests for nearly 100,000 more in three countries!  

IMG_9070Supporting IC Orphans

1157IC Orphans is an all-volunteer effort, and is doing everything they can do to fulfill churches’ requests for this wonderful tool for the Lord.  So, it’s important to know that EmbroidMe of Bel Air, the business owned and operated by IC Orphans’ principals (and sponsors of the featured podcast), will dedicate an ever-growing portion of their profits to the support of this ministry.

We know that God will have His message heard in whatever way He chooses –  We believe that Hooshga is part of His plan.   

We need God’s people – the local church – to do what God calls them to do: to be the hands and feet of Christ, and take the Gospel to orphans and vulnerable children around the world!

We pray that you will join IC Orphans as they serve Him.

Listen to the Voices Podcast!

Beachmont Christian Ministries


ariel+1Beachmont Christian Ministries exists to proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ came into the world to give spiritual life to all those who believe in Him.  We seek to create environments to speak the Truth and provide a Christian atmosphere in which people of all ages can enjoy wholesome activities and enrich their lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

“Where there is God’s vision, there will be God’s provision.”

guitarsIn 1973, when God brought Paul and Maureen Twining into Mrs. Aimee Foard’s life, He answered her prayer concerning the future of the farm she and her late husband had operated for years.  The Twinings were involved in youth ministry and believed God was leading them to develop a Christian camp.  Mrs. Foard had been praying that God would send someone to her farm to run just such a ministry. Upon discovering that God had placed a similar vision in each of their hearts, she donated a portion of the Beachmont farm for the purpose of spreading the life-changing message of the Bible.  Now, more than 40 years later, Beachmont is a thriving ministry that reaches hundreds of families each year with the Word of God.

An Environment for Children

Summer Day Camp for children ages 4-13 is one of the most fun and affordable camps in the state!  Each summer over 1,600 children have a great time while they learn about the love of Jesus Christ in a camp environment.  We have beautiful fields for games, and a wooded area and stream that are always fun to explore.  In our pool, campers learn to swim – and stay cool on hot summer days.  Other big hits for campers are our spring-fed pond and rope swing, our gaga pit, and low ropes course.

An Environment for Teens

IMG_2598Tuesday evenings during the summer, teenagers from all around Maryland gather at Beachmont to experience the good news of Jesus Christ through fellowship, worship, and the preaching of God’s Word.  Beachmont provides a place where youth can gather for fun and fellowship, come to know and fall in love with Jesus as their Savior, and grow in their walk with God.

An Environment for Home Schoolers

IMG_1632Beachmont PE is designed to expose students educated at home (pre-K to 8th grade) to a variety of skills through activities, sports, and fitness exercises. This 10-week program is designed so that students will participate in 6-8 units, created for the appropriate grade level.  Younger students learn motor, throwing, catching, and kicking skills through games, while older students learn basic skills, rules, and strategies of a sport or proper technique for fitness exercises.  Students also learn cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

An Environment for Families

11875203_986570068030086_1195182985472848523_oOn Friday nights in the summer Beachmont is open to the public from 5-10 p.m. and we invite you to bring your family and friends to enjoy our facilities and activities! We have a great facility where you can play games with your children, take a hike in the woods, or cool off in the pool ($3 per person). We also have a pavilion where you can picnic, have a birthday party, or get something from our concessions stand.

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IMG_6639The Beachmont Corn Maze is fun for the whole family!  Join your favorite Starr Warz characters for an adventure in our 6-acre interactive corn maze with more than 2 miles of pathways.  Come during the day, or join us for an adventure in the dark – Friday and Saturday nights are “Flashlight Nights” – with celebrations around a blazing bonfire!  Afraid you might get lost?  Maze Masters are stationed along the pathways to quickly help you back on track, or take you to the nearest exit.  Concessions are open and pumpkins are for sale!


An Environment for Prayer, Study, and Service

The Billy Graham Telephone Counseling Ministry at Beachmont began in September, 2006 and meets once a month during the TBN Billy Graham Classics TV telecast.  If you’re interested in helping with the Billy Graham Telephone Counseling Ministry, please call Beachmont.

Prayer Ministry “The harvest is plentiful…Therefore pray earnestly.”  (Luke 10:2)

000_0036We have been aware since the beginning of this ministry that prayer has upheld it, and now more than ever we believe God is calling the Christian community together to pray for a spiritual awakening.  We need Christians who understand the value and power of prayer and are willing to dedicate time to engage in intercessory prayer for the entire Beachmont family and the ministries that serve them.  We invite those with a heart for intercessory prayer to become part of this ministry team – to pray for our summer camp, our family nights, the corn maze, and the multitude of other offerings at Beachmont.  We gather often at Beachmont to lift our voices in praise and prayer, as we did in May 2015 on the National Day of Prayer.  Join us as we lift our voices in prayer that God would have mercy on our children and us by birthing a spiritual awakening in our community and in our country.

Bible Study

During the fall and spring, we offer Bible study on Tuesday nights for middle, high, and college age students.  All are welcome to join us for a time of fellowship, reading God’s word, and prayer. This ministry provide an environment in which students learn how to read, understand, study, and apply God’s Word so that they can grow closer to God.


Maryland Bible Society

Igniting Fresh Passion for the Word of God


MBS’ Roots

When it was founded more than 200 years ago, the mission of the Maryland Bible Society (MBS) was to see that every individual had the opportunity to own a Bible, regardless of their native language or financial situation. Because this mission has been mostly fulfilled, with more than 90% of homes in America having at least one Bible, MBS is emphasizing active biblical engagement by reading, teaching, and studying God’s Word. We long to see passion for living God’s Word ignited in the workplace, schools, homes, among youth, and throughout communities. Our desire is to impact lives that will be transformed as the Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures, resources, and opportunities provided and supported by MBS.

Today’s MBS : Igniting Fresh Passion in Our Youth


girl_cityBibles in public schools? It’s not only possible, but it’s being done through the partnership of the Maryland Bible Society with two extraordinary ministries, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). “Good News Clubs” have been started in several Maryland public schools and more than 3,000 children have become members with hundreds having given their hearts to Christ. Over 400 Christian volunteers have been trained to impact these kids’ lives.


MBS_111913-0006Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a sports ministry started in 1954 and now active in most of our high schools. In 1990 religious groups won the right to conduct Bible study programs during lunch hours and after school, and schools were ordered to allow student-led Christian groups to meet. Members of “the Huddle” Bible study club in one of our local schools recently set up a table near the school store and made Bibles available to fellow students. More than 250 students asked questions, expressed a desire to receive a Bible, and walked out of school that day carrying Word of God – copies of the New Testament supplied by MBS


The Maryland Bible Society recently awarded convention tuition scholarships to students in the Institute for Cultural Communicators at Regent University in Virginia Beach. The Institute not only trains these students to communicate effectively, but they are trained in Christian apologetics as well. One scholarship recipient, Ryan Sinni (17 yrs) of Germantown, MD, commented, “I am so grateful that the Maryland Bible Society has supported my growth in leadership and communication. Beyond simply knowing what the Bible says, I’ve learned to communicate its message to the culture. I am delighted that the Maryland Bible Society has helped equip me to lead the next generation for Christ.”

Today’s MBS: Igniting Fresh Passion Through Our Partnerships

img_trade_showMBS has and will continue to establish and build exciting partnerships that promote the distribution of the Bible, supply related resources, and provide engagement opportunities. Some our partners are:

Beachmont Christian Ministries creates a Christian atmosphere in which people of all ages can enjoy wholesome activities that will enrich their lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Beachmont offers a variety of programs for individuals and families as well as a youth day camping experience.

Compassion International is a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. Founded in 1952, Compassion helps more than 1.2 million children in 26 countries.pageimage_businesses_community

The Christian Professional Network is a growing network of Christian business leaders who help one another develop godly character, professional competence, and personal commitment in all their business affairs to the glory of God. MBS helps CPN implement its strategy of providing every member with ready access to valuable resources and meaningful relationships in our quest for Biblical success.

International Care, Inc. (IC Orphans) serves gospel-focused churches as they care for orphans and vulnerable children. Inspired by the faith of a three-year-old girl, and in heartfelt memory of her short time here on earth, the Hooshga Project was birthed as a practical way to engage the church in taking the gospel message to orphans and vulnerable children worldwide.

Youth for Christ reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.

Look here for more about MBS partners.

Today’s MBS: Igniting Fresh Passion Using Technology


mbs_podcastbanner_300x250webWe are excited about adding the podcast as another way for us to reach people, to help them understand the beauty and power of God’s Word, and the transformative nature of Scripture. It is meant for those who have been studying His Word for many years, those who are just coming to be students, and even first time readers of Scripture.



app_banner_sidebar_300x250web1Maryland Bible Society has teamed up with Back to the Bible to deliver its goTandem mobile app, designed to send biblical reminders, exhortation, and encouragement throughout the day – reminders are customized to you, based on your answers to a series of questions about your Christian life and challenges.

Today’s MBS: Engagement Around the World


1506497_862554823800751_6367252616520390141_nMBS and G.A.P. Ministry have shipped more than 10,000 Bibles and biblical reference works to Kenya directly from Baltimore in order to provide local Kenyans with affordable Christian literature to help nurture and grow their spiritual maturity.


In addition to providing canteens, bottled water, sandwiches, chips, and clean-up assistance to area residents during Baltimore’s recent civil unrest, the Salvation Army wanted to supply spiritual help. On the morning of April 29th they reached out to the Maryland Bible Society and we packed up 1,382 Bibles, New Testaments, and Gospels of John for distribution by the Salvation Army to those in need.



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