To ensure consonance with VOICES’ mission, the following standards must be met by an

organization that desires to be featured on our website:

 Their work must advance the Kingdom of God and their mission must be God-honoring

 The organization’s principals must be professing Christians

 The organization’s representative must affirm (1) their agreement with our Statement of

Faith and (2) that their organization’s practices do not include actions contrary to those


 The organization must be willing and able to meet VOICES’ standards for quality of

content to be published to the VOICES website.

 The organization must be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3

Additionally, each organization to be featured must –

 Have a website to which we can link in the feature

 Have at least one spokesperson(s) to be interviewed for podcast and video

 Provide us with a bullet point summary of 3-5 CRITICAL points to be brought in the

video and podcast

 Have the means to respond timely to inquiries from viewers

 Have, at a minimum, a Facebook page and an FB page administrator

 Be able to provide a minimum of 12 engaging, digital photos to be included in the feature