IC Orphans


Serving Gospel-focused churches as they care for Orphans and vulnerable

"Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked". (Psalm 82:4)


When IC Orphans was founded in 2001, its mission was to help orphans find their forever families.  In the early years, they were able to help establish funding that allowed nearly 200 children to be adopted into permanent families.


the Lord pointed IC Orphans’ founders in a different direction . . .


In 2010 Chris and Melissa

adopted Libby, a beautiful little girl who had been born with cerebral palsy.  Libby couldn’t speak, but she could smile and she loved Jesus.  In fact, she smiled more at the name of Jesus than at anything else!  


was the little plush toy turtle that Libby couldn’t get enough of.  Libby’s older sister named him.   Libby would cling to Hooshga while she sat on her Daddy’s lap looking through her children’s picture Bible.

hooshga_slide2in 2011

when Libby was only 3 years old, Jesus took her to be with Him.  She died from a seizure, but she lives on through IC Orphans’ work.

The Hooshga Project

DSCN1118After Libby’s death, God led her Dad, Chris, to build a message about Jesus Christ around Hooshga.  So, IC Orphans launched the Hooshga Project, a one-of-a-kind way for Gospel-focused churches to help take the Good News around the world in the form of a delightful little plush turtle.




IC Orphans’ founders had already sensed that God was leading them to pursue souls . . . they followed  His leading and transitioned to to a Gospel-focused ministry.  Now orphans, vulnerable children, and illiterate adults worldwide can hear – and see – the Good News of Jesus, as told through the eyes of Hooshga the Good News Turtle,  using a wordless Gospel book, as part of the Hooshga Care Package.  The package includes Hooshga the Good News Turtle, a wordless Gospel book, and a drawstring bag/backpack.


To date, IC Orphans has given Hooshga Care Packages to more than 1800 orphans in 13 countries.  We believe the Lord will be greatly honored as they give Hooshga Care Packages free of charge to churches that will take them around the world!  


IC Orphans only has 650 Hooshgas left and is called to give them away.  They plan to continue to follow the call of God to take Hooshga the Good News Turtle to orphans and vulnerable children around the world through Gospel-focused churches!  They’re currently planning a trip to Honduras to potentially give away 4,000 Hooshga Care Packages!   And they have requests for nearly 100,000 more in three countries!  

IMG_9070Supporting IC Orphans

1157IC Orphans is an all-volunteer effort, and is doing everything they can do to fulfill churches’ requests for this wonderful tool for the Lord.  So, it’s important to know that EmbroidMe of Bel Air, the business owned and operated by IC Orphans’ principals (and sponsors of the featured podcast), will dedicate an ever-growing portion of their profits to the support of this ministry.

We know that God will have His message heard in whatever way He chooses –  We believe that Hooshga is part of His plan.   

We need God’s people – the local church – to do what God calls them to do: to be the hands and feet of Christ, and take the Gospel to orphans and vulnerable children around the world!

We pray that you will join IC Orphans as they serve Him.

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