Support Voices of Baltimore

When you Support Voices of Baltimore you’re giving a bigger voice to those who serve as God’s hands and feet right here in our community.
In the Baltimore market, the service that Voices provides to Christian ministries could cost more than $6,500.  We’re applying the same technology and production values in support of Christian ministries for about one-third that cost.  But it DOES cost money to do that, and we need your financial support.
You can contribute through donations that translate into immediate benefits.  For this we have developed an easy method for both one time and recurring giving.  You are welcome to make one-time donations (as often as you like) by clicking on the “Donate” button.  You may also create an account that allows you to open and control your recurring gifts.  Just click on Donate and, under “frequency”, select a recurring gift, then set up your own account that you control and change at any time.

Pray, Participate, and Provide

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PRAY that this ministry would extend God’s work throughout our region, and that more ministries will find more favor with more people because Voices of Baltimore succeeds
  • helping Voices of Baltimore identify ministries whose voices need to be more widely heard
  • using social media platforms with which you’re engaged to help extend Voices’ audiences on behalf of ministries in our region
  • helping identify and bring to the VOICES family those individuals, groups, businesses, organizations who might help further our work by making financial contributions
PROVIDE from your treasure to help VOICES serve and support local ministries.

Suggest & Sponsor a Ministry...

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You can suggest a Christian ministry, or Christ-centered nonprofit, to be featured on our site. The ministry must affirm our Statement of Faith and satisfy Voices’ Ministry Standards.
Once we’ve received your suggestion and worked out the details with the organization you recommended, we’ll ask for your commitment to contribute the level of financial support required to fund the production and publication of the feature. (Online giving returning soon. Call 443-290-8642 for more information.)
We’ll ask you to provide us with language (as text, and conforming to VOICES’ standards) to include in the ministry’s feature that will honor your support. Also, we’ll need appropriate text to be read into the video and podcasts that will be recorded as part of the feature.