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God’s People Are Reaching Kids in Public Schools!!

You need to know about Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maryland (CEF).

In 1963 Madalyn Murray O’Hair (and atheists that backed her) achieved her goal of getting God out of our public schools by eliminating Bible reading and prayer in schools.

Since that time, generations of children have not been exposed to God and His Word and as they have grown up, we see some very discouraging results.  For example, statistics suggest that 80% of today’s youth will never see the inside of a church. We must take Jesus’ final command seriously, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. . .” (Mark 16:15)

But Can We Reach Them in Schools?

We certainly can!! We have an exciting opportunity to take the Gospel to the hub of our communities – our public schools. A favorable 2001 Supreme Court ruling ( permits afterschool, on-campus gatherings of kids in what CEF calls its Good News Clubs. And it IS good news. This historic decision opened the doors of our public schools as a new mission field to teach God’s Word to thousands of children who might otherwise never hear about Jesus.

Good News Clubs meet once a week in high-powered 90-minute sessions for children ages 4 – 13 that  are designed to inspire and challenge them to good citizenship, high moral values, obedience to those in authority, and other positive behaviors. The Clubs program is built around sound biblical and educational principles and includes exciting visualized Bible lessons, songs, Scripture memory, a missions stories, and review games.

GNCs are led by volunteers, typically through a partnership with one or more area churches.

What’s Happening in Maryland?

girl_reading_bible_in_schoolIn Maryland, CEF is active in more than 70 schools and the number is growing! Good News Clubs are also held in homes, community centers, day care centers, churches, apartment complexes, and just about anywhere the children can easily and safely meet with their parents’ permission.

70 is good, but there are 900 public elementary schools in Maryland filled every day with children who need to hear God’s word.

Partners make it happen . . .

Two key partners – the Maryland Bible Society, and local churches – make CEF’s work possible. The churches adopt a local school and are the focal point for GNC volunteer recruitment and training, and MBS supplies Bibles for the students who participate in the Clubs.

And CEF’s Impact is Expanding . . .

Altogether, in the 2009-10 school year, there were 36 schools in the program statewide, reaching 1,458 kids. In 2015-16, there are Good News Clubs in 132 schools, touching more than 3,200 kids’ lives through the work of more than 750 volunteers. In 2015 CEF reached more than 7,000 children with its various ministries – with more than 1,500 experiencing changed life through the power of the Gospel.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-7-51-17-amThere are many areas of CEF ministry in Maryland in which you can become involved as a volunteer or paid staff.

What one pastor has to say about CEF and its mission:

“Our membership has responded wonderfully, and those participating in the Good News Clubs are expressing sheer joy as they witness the Lord at work in them making an eternal difference in the lives of precious young children. The Good News Club has opened an incredible opportunity for us to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord to the next generation, with the blessing and permission of the United States Supreme Court. How amazing is that? Thank the Lord for Child Evangelism Fellowship! They are indeed a wonderful answer to prayer.” –David E. Gaines, Sr.  Senior Pastor, Manna Bible Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD 

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