Christian Business Men’s Connection


Marketplace Ambassadors for Christ

CBMC’s focus is Jesus.  CBMC’s mission field is the marketplace.20150131_085333_resized

ATTENTION, GUYS!!! Ever think how great it would be if you could… 

  • belong to and learn from a group of men who cares deeply for you?
  • surround yourself with men you can depend on to tell you the truth about you?
  • fellowship with peers in the marketplace who embrace a quality of life that is noticeably different from the world’s?

The Christian Business Men’s Connection can give you all that.  And more.


If that sounds almost too good to be true, then you might want to spend a little time with men of CBMC. If you’re a man who has little to no understanding of who Jesus is, we simply spend time unpacking that topic and whether Christianity even has a place anymore in this increasingly hostile culture.

20150507_183605_resizedWhatever your current role in business, whatever you aspire to be, we would like to help you think biblically through it. As Christians in the business world, we desire to love Christ Jesus more than our work or our wealth. That doesn’t come naturally, so we help each other mature into the person God wants us to be.

CBMC is all about…

Building men one life at a time through relational evangelism

CBMC members are marketplace ambassadors for Christ who live out our faith in authentic life-on-life relationships.  We strive to reach men right where they are to help them become the men that God designed them to be.  


Building men one life at a time through life-on-life discipleship

If you long to develop a deeper understanding of God, we encourage you to enter into a one-on-one discipleship relationship with another man using a tool we call Operation Timothy (OT).  OT is an investigative Bible study used by the men of CBMC for more than 40 years to make disciples,  as Jesus commanded. The name of the program comes from the relationship the Apostle Paul had with a young man named Timothy. Just as Paul took Timothy “under his wing” and invested his life into him while teaching him spiritual truths, so we in CBMC help others grow spiritually within the context of this relationship.

20150619_125252_resizedBuilding men one life at a time through small group accountability and encouragement.

CBMC Forums are truly a light in the workplace. A Forums team is a unique environment made up of a handful of business owners or executives and a trained CBMC moderator. These are small closed gatherings so that individuals can build trust in one another, as they discuss both life and business issues.

FB_IMG_1431073143953Get Connected to a band of Christ-like brothers like no other, and let them help equip you for the journey of a lifetime!

We don’t have all the answers to questions we face in life or in the business world, but we know the One who does.

If character, ethics or maybe how to walk with God in our everyday life in the workplace are things you’d like to know more about… CBMC just might be right for you.

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