“… it’s an institution of Higher – with a capital H – learning”

A Bit of History

12105950_1058992360801215_3651027973693720530_nIn 1931, a (small) group of Christian church and business leaders came together to create a place in our city where men and women study the Bible.

Now, 85 years later, BSOTB does just that  – at three locations in and around Baltimore.  And more than 2,000 students have passed through their dream!!

Through the years, students have learned how thrilling and informative the Bible can be when it is taught by qualified instructors who know and love the Book and its Author.

Lives have been enriched and love for the Lord increased.

“It’s the place where your life will be changed”

13392127_1195684013798715_6544807094953941031_oBaltimore School of the Bible, Inc. exists for the sole purpose of presenting the Word of God in such a manner that it may readily be understood and will bring the students into a vital and effective relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The students will then prove to be a channel for the further spread of the Word and the strengthening of the testimony of Bible-believing churches.

BSOTB is Affordable

Baltimore School of the Bible charges NO tuition.
DSC04608-1024x683BSOTB is all about making the study of God’s Word available to any who seek the opportunity and environment to study.

Students pay only a nominal registration fee of $60.00 per year. Then, there are no other or further charges for instruction, except for textbooks and/or teacher handouts. A limited number of text books are required in certain courses, but generally, the purchase of books is at the student’s option.

BSOTB Presents a Wide Range of Courses

• From biblical teaching on the nature of God, man, and sin to a thorough exegesis of the epistles of Paul.

• From understanding our place in God’s Creation to preparing students for teaching ministries.

• From the survey of the Old Testament to studying New Testament Greek.


13403848_1195681567132293_555625381675576413_oThe Baltimore School of the Bible is accredited by the state of Maryland and BSOTB credits are often transferrable to other institutions.

“Ask the Right Questions about BSOTB”

BSOTB staff and volunteers are available to take your call, answer your emails, and give you the whole story about how YOU can begin a meaningful study of God’s eternal Word.

What BSOTB faculty, staff, and students are saying:

• “We all come together under the Word of God”

• “The school was a place of refuge for me”

• “It was more than I expected”

• “Don’t wait. Don’t wait!!”

• “You know nothing until you come here and learn what you don’t know”

Visit Baltimore School of the Bible

Main Branch/Office
1712 Park Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

Central Presbyterian Church
7308 York Road
Towson, MD 21204

Brooklyn Bible Chapel
502 Jack Street
Baltimore, MD 21225


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